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We've just launched the Journal of Visualization and Interaction (JoVI)! This is a unique publication venue for the fields of InfoVis and HCI, supporting pre-registration of research, open review, novel article formats, and diamond open access (no fees!). Very excited to finally get this off the ground, this is a project that has been brewing for almost four years.
Back from #CHI2023. That was the most brain-melting experience I've had in quite a while - first CHI after 5 years, and biggest CHI ever. I was feeling a bit crowded at NordiCHI last year, which is comparatively tiny, I've felt completely overwhelmed at CHI.
Visiting the NordiCHI conference at Aarhus University today, first in-person conference after THREE EFFIN YEARS!!1! Not used to so many people anymore 😱😉
Another year, another TEI paper presented by Christopher :-) This year, it's MirrorForge, a toolkit to simulate and create free-form mirrors for HCI applications using standard prototyping equipment. Update: we won the Best Paper Award! Woohoo, congrats everyone! :-D
Sujay Shalawadi just presented our paper on "Rainmaker", a tangible time management interface for the homeoffice, at the (virtual) MobileHCI 2021 conference.
A minor "rebrush" of my website, now finally self-hosting all my publications via Jekyll. Blogpost to follow soon-ish.
Wrapping up an exciting virtual TEI 2021, with two presentations from my co-authors Christopher Getschmann (SeedMarkers) and Josef Roth (TempoWatch).
As of today, I have left Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and joined Aalborg University as associate professor for computer science in the HCC Group!
Today, Patrick Riehmann virtually presented our paper Short-Contact Touch-Manipulation of Scatterplot Matrices on Wall Displays at EuroVis 2020. Thanks to all my co-authors!
Very happy to announce that our paper Transparency of CHI Research Artifacts on data sharing and research transparency in the CHI community has won a CHI 2020 Best Paper Award! Big kudos to all my co-authors here!
Travelling to MuC 2019 in Hamburg to present BinaryFlicks, an interaction method for searching in long lists on space-constrained screens such as smartwatches.
Just back from EICS 2019 in Valencia, where I presented SecuriCast, an (almost) interaction-free method for two-factor authentication over Bluetooth Low Energy.
I'll be at UIST 2018 in Berlin next week, to present our work on SurfaceStreams and the tabletop role-playing tool Companion.
Very happy to announce that Martin Kaltenbrunner will present our joint work on TUIO 2.0 at EICS 2018 in Paris.
I'm off to CHI 2018 to present an analysis of how the CHI community deals with open-sourcing research software (spoiler: it doesn't).
Travelling to ICMI 2017 tomorrow, where I'll present TouchScope by Matt Heinz, Sven Bertel and myself.
In the meantime, once again, a small story of hacking: old iMacs have an elusive mode in which they can be used as display for an external source, e.g. a laptop. Here's the story of how I built a Linux hack to support this.
Short blog post about a slightly insane C++ template issue I ran into: C++, Templates, Compilers and Optimizations
Just arrived at ACM ISS 2016, where I'll be chairing the demo session together with Pedro Campos - looking forward to a great conference!
I've updated my minimal nRF51 tutorial to the more recent SDK 10.
Very much looking forward to CHI 2016 in San Jose, where I'll be presenting a student project as a demo at Interactivity, and a short paper written by myself.
Our workshop at ITS 2015 was a little under-staffed with a total of 4 people (Martin and myself included :-). Nevertheless, we had some interesting discussions, and that's what counts, right?
Two student projects accepted for poster track at ITS 2015 - looking forward to a great conference!
Martin Kaltenbrunner and I will be hosting a workshop on open and shared tabletop infrastructures at ITS2015 - come join us in Madeira!
Max Schirmer is about to present our paper "Shoe me the Way" at MobileHCI 2015 in Copenhagen. Congratulations again to Max and my other co-authors!
Our mystery project was shown at Evoke 2015 in Cologne and was a big success, immediately taking 2nd place in the interactive competition - congratulations to Tim, Andi & Jo!
I'm happy to be part of the program committee for ACM TEI 2016, the conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction. Paper deadline is August 2nd, 11:59pm PST - looking forward to your submissions!
Off to CeBIT to show our student project "Privacy-Aware Location Services".
I'm honoured to have been on the dissertation committees for Carles F. Julia and Daniel Gallardo at UPF in Barcelona, supervised by Sergi Jordá.
Since today, I am a junior professor for computer science and media (specifically, mobile media) at the venerable Bauhaus University in Weimar.
Today, our Workshop on Engineering Gestures for Multimodal Interfaces took place at EICS 2014 in Rome! Papers are available on the workshop page.
Today, our Workshop on Formal Gesture Specification Languages took place at LMU in Munich. Slides/pictures/video are available on the workshop page.
Another tale of hacking, this time with the txtr Beagle $10 e-ink reader.
I'm happy to be part of the program committee for ACM TEI 2014, the conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction. Paper deadline is August 1st, 11:59pm PST - looking forward to your submissions!
Together with Raphael Wimmer, I did a "Sketching with Hardware" seminar for media informatics students at University of Regensburg. Core topics are electronics, Arduino development and physical prototyping. This was the first time such a seminar was offered at UR, and IMHO it was a big success. Video coming soon!
I'm happy to be part of the program committee for ACM ITS 2013, one of the primary venues for interactive surface research. Paper deadline is June 14th, 5pm PST - start planning early!
Since this week, I am back in academia as a visiting professor for media informatics at University of Regensburg.
Here's the tale of how I nearly broke 8000 € worth of equipment and fixed it again.
Our book "Hacking the Kinect" is finally out! Available at Amazon as paperback and e-book.
Experimenting with Google authorship links...
Almost looks like I'm slowly getting the hang of actually having an up-to-date homepage... :-) I've been adding a couple of pages regarding my hacking, research projects etc. Have fun reading!
Using some preprocessor macros and creative misuse of comments, it's actually possible to use the same assembler code for gcc and Visual Studio on both 32- and 64-bit architectures... O_o
Just updated our server after some months. Gentoo had a particularly funny streak there:
Error: circular dependency
dev-lang/php-5.3.5 depends on:
Finally managed to update my Android app Background Timelapse. I've fixed a ton of bugs and managed to test it on all major Android releases, so give it a try if you have a thing for timelapse videos.
I'm part of the program committee for Intetain 2011, the International Conference on INtelligent TEchnologies for interactive enterTAINment. (You can always find an acronym if you look hard enough. :-)
I've put some of my Youtube videos on the site, and found something odd in the process: when you want your video to play in 480p, the iframe containing the player has to be at least 684x540 pixels large...?
I couldn't resist playing around with Javascript to add some bells & whistles to the left-side menu. Unfortunately, that immediately opened the gates to cross-browser compatibility hell. After wasting half an afternoon trying to coax IE into actually doing something sensible with standards-compliant code, I've thrown in the towel. The site is currently broken in Internet Explorer - my suggestion is you do yourself a favour and install Firefox or Chrome.
Yes, I'm actually working on it - the site is slowly filling with content that's less than 10 years old. Also, I decided that not everything I wrote as an undergrad is still worth keeping on the web. Nevertheless, I've kept some of the more outlandish things for your entertainment... :-)
I've almost managed not to touch my homepage for a full 5 years. That includes 3.5 years of doing a PhD and another year of being a PostDoc. I guess it's about time for an update. Please stay tuned :-)
[a long time passes...]
[rant about not updating the homepage for years]