@anandphilipc @emurphy the PDF reports are linked in this article: datacolada.org/114 - AFAICT they don't contain the original data files, though.


@anandphilipc @emurphy read an update to this yesterday, and it seems like the external analysis that Harvard commissioned has come to almost identical conclusions (and they did have access to the raw survey data).


@babe @goatsarah @mvilain oh hey, you caught one! A bit like Pokemon, no? 😉


@danhon nah, blockchain is old and busted, AI is the hot shit right now 👍 (gotta use those 8k Nvidia cards for _something_)


@andresmh K9 Mail, because I'm one of those weirdos who run their own mail server anyway 😉


@MolemanPeter In a way, I think it is - but OTOH, maybe I'm doing waaaay more second-guessing and tea-leaves-reading here than warranted 🤷


@GyrosGeier no idea - I just got an automated email from some HR system 🤷


@MolemanPeter probably not, but I'm slightly concerned that not writing a reference letter would already count as a negative as well (as in "that guy from Denmark couldn't even be arsed to write a reference for Z, let's hire someone else")?


@Giantwallaby that was my first impulse as well, but based on how the average hiring committee works, I'd sorta assume that would count as a negative? 🤔


Here's a somewhat weird question.

Some years ago, I was one of the PhD examiners of person Z who just barely passed, and I never heard of them again afterwards.

Now, out of the blue, I'm asked by university A to write a reference for Z, and I'm honestly a bit unsure about what to do.

I don't want to actively derail Z's application, but I also can't really provide anything of substance with a straight face. Opinions? 🤔


Wooo! Raspberry Pi 5 is out! With dual CSI camera connectors!!1! WAAAAANT


@benbe neat thought experiment, but I think it's not over yet: the initial explosion would instantly vaporize the apple and launch a hypersonic cloud of antiplasma into the upper part of the titanium cylinder, which would then annihilate with a far greater amount of matter and probably melt a good chunk of whatever continent you were standing on 😁🤯


@Palletack that one takes a while 😁


@tzimmer_history oh wow. "Say what you will about the Nazis, but at least they had _style_." 😑


@BinGanzBrav bin ehrlich überrascht, dass die CDU/CSU weniger als die SPD zu haben scheint? Muss wohl doch mal die ganze Studie lesen...


@Loosf this deserves a dictionary entry RIGHT NOW 👍


@A_C_McGregor @Gieljan @cstross should I be getting curious, or for my sanity's sake, rather not? 🤔


Why is it so friggin' hard to get a debug console on any mobile browser? No matter if Firefox, Chrome, or Safari: you always have to jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops to connect the mobile browser with a desktop counterpart, and then view the debug console over there. Just give me a new tab and be done with it, sheesh. 😑


@silbermund Schrödingers Geflüchtete: nehmen gleichzeitig die Arbeitsplätze weg und kassieren faul rumliegend Sozialleistungen. Konservative sind Weltmeister in kognitiver Dissonanz 🤷