@enno Ich hab das Konzept von CWs ehrlicherweise noch nie so richtig kapiert. Wenn ich so massiv PTSD habe, dass mich allein die ErwÀhnung von z.B. Krieg komplett triggert, dann muß doch eigentlich die CW selbst schon genauso wirken?


@futzle @Unixbigot I _just_ happened to watch "The Marvels" which does lean rather heavily into the whole tentacled space cats theme 😬


On closer inspection, I think it needs a light-up fan as well 😁🚦🚨


It's been a Very Long Time (TM) since I last built a full desktop PC case from scratch, but I had accumulated enough light-up PC components that I thought they deserve a nice viewing opportunity, and I've always been a sucker for cubes, so...

(It's not 100% finished yet, but given that it's almost entirely built with bits from the workshop junk pile and components, I'm already pretty happy with the results 😁)


@RaphaelWimmer don't give them ideas 😬


🎢🎡 "Head, shoulders, knees, and ---"



(Adult Edition πŸ˜–πŸ€­)


@julian good point, I didn't think of all the caching going on behind the scenes... and it's not like OpenAI would care in any case πŸ˜‘


BTW: does Mastodon have anything like a default license for posts? Or should I just stick "All posts are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0" into my bio?


Over the years, I've found a number of weird things in lecture halls and seminar rooms, but I think this one takes the cake 🀭


A sizeable chunk of research over the past years has focused on interaction in (hypothetical) self driving cars, especially driver takeover.

Now, as that bubble is maybe not exactly bursting but certainly deflating, what are those researchers actually doing? Has everyone already "pivoted" to "explainable AI"? Which, as far as I can tell, is the current hot shit in our field? πŸ˜‘


Ow, here's a facepalm from last year that I missed: some Danish burger chain introduced a "ChatGPT-Burger", which was apparently "designed by artificial intelligence".

The local food bloggers tested it and were _not_ immediately blown away, who'd ever have guessed. πŸ˜‘



@Unixbigot @nina_kali_nina @spinach well it _does_ have labels, innit? (And that's hotglue for sure, right?)


@andresmh hah, at Danish electricity prices, that is less unrealistic than you might think πŸ˜‰ (thanks, wind energy!)


@TomF that's exactly how I've been thinking about Nethack for the last 25 years πŸ˜‘


@onyx hmm, I think I know how, but not sure how to describe it: pull one end of the elastic through the last chain link, and then flip everything (the entire chain plus the rest of the elastic) through the loop?


@nblr Concrete, Steel, Transistor.


Holy cow, they monkey-patched the software on the Odysseus lander something like 2 hours before touchdown on the lunar surface 😬

The navigational cameras had apparently failed, and they managed to re-route cameras from one of the scientific payloads to fill in for the navcams 🀯

That's... impressive.



It's 22.1 Β°C in our living room right now, but we haven't turned on the heating at _any_ point since last summer 🀷 (and the outside temperature has been steady around 3 Β°C for weeks πŸ˜‘)

My only explanation is that the downstairs neighbours are running some sort of illicit nuclear reactor, they must have at least 35 Β°C in there? πŸ₯΅


Looks like Google laid on the prompt engineering a bit too thick for Gemini πŸ™„

The "historically accurate pictures of German soldiers ca. 1943" are particularly hilarious πŸ€”



@luebbermann ANZEIGE IST RAUS!!1!1