The Weird Place

A collection of outlandish HCI papers

As a HCI researcher, you get to read a lot of papers (surprise). With HCI being this really hard-to-define “interdiscipline” with components of computer science, psychology, engineering, design, and art, you sometimes come across papers that are just plain weird (and this is not criticism at all - some other HCI researchers might consider them perfectly straightforward, it’s just my own interpretation). Anyway, the following papers did leave a lasting impression (again, not judging) which is why I decided to start this little collection.

AquaTop (2013)

Bored while sitting in the bathtub? Why not play some games that are projected on the water surface? Of course, you’ll have to dump white colouring into the water, because who wouldn’t want to feel like Cleopatra.

AquaTop display: interactive water surface for viewing and manipulating information in a bathroom

Pull-Navi (2009)

Think of an old movie where some nasty teacher is pulling a little boy by the ear for being naughty. Now imagine having a robot sitting on your shoulder, doing the same thing to your ears to steer you around while walking.

Pull-navi: a novel tactile navigation interface by pulling the ears

SyncDecor (2008)

Let’s say you’re living in a long-distance relationship with your significiant other. Wouldn’t you also want your trashbins to be synchronized?

Yes. Trashbins.

SyncDecor: communication appliances for virtual cohabitation